Next Steps After You Buy The iPhone 6

After purchasing this brand new smartphone, there are multiple crucial steps begin browsing the web, listening to music, or other great features of this advanced piece of technology. Before leaving the store, you may want to grab some of the accessories marketed specifically for the new iPhone 6, such as screen protectors, cases, and longer charging cords. Afterwards, you can plop down at your desk to begin the setup process.

Setup Steps

Turning on the phone will reveal the Setup Assistant that will guide you through providing the necessary information, such as language and iTunes account details. Then, if you have an old backup from the previous phone saved on iTunes, you can upload that to the new device to have almost immediate access to your precious music, photos, and apps. If you want to start from scratch, you should adjust the settings to meet your needs. Some critical changes are provided below.

  • Enabling password or fingerprint locking to secure your private information.
  • Adding email and other important accounts.
  • Adjusting keyboard and accessibility settings to personal taste.
  • Assigning meaningful images to the wallpaper options.

You can then start downloading music, apps, videos, and more to customize the smartphone to the most suitable user experience. The improved performance of the iPhone 6 should blaze through these steps to setup quickly and effectively.

The iPhone 6 is an advanced piece of technology that has been built with new hardware and software to provide the best available to the customer. You can further improve upon this device by adding your own personal touch through the many different settings and downloadable content. The ability to restore a backup also gives the user the simple choice to revert the style to that of their old smartphone with just a few simple steps.

How to Choose the Right Smartphone the Smart Way

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that smartphones have managed to give a new dimension to our lives, and have actually changed our lifestyles big time. The reason behind this statement is the fact that we have become increasingly dependent on smartphones, as they offer things we just cannot refuse.

Smartphones have made our lives extraordinarily easier. They help us do so many important things regardless of where we ever. They have made managing our business and connecting to our loved ones exceptionally easier and perfectly normal.

However, regardless of the benefits they come with, choosing the right smartphone can be a tricky task for sure. Some people feel that a higher price means a better smartphone for them, but it may be nowhere near it indeed. An ideal smartphone is rather a subjective matter and hence a right smartphone may mean different products for different people.

There are some important factors you can keep in mind though, while going out to find the right smartphone for you. They are:

Identifying the need

This is indeed the most basic and important things to analyze before deciding on a smartphone. As the features of different smartphones varies, it is important to decide on what one expects or needs from a smartphone or what things he would need to get done using one on a regular basis. Also, these are pretty expensive things so don’t go wasting tons of cash on buying something very costly which you want be able to use to the fullest. Instead, match the features of various smartphones with your needs. This will be a much more effective option to shortlist some smartphones to choose the best one from.

Just for an example, imagine that you just need to make and receive calls, and send and receive messages and emails from your smartphone. In such a case, you won’t need something with a long list of features, but rather something that is –

  • Lightweight – Will make it comfortable while calling, messaging and emailing frequently.
  • Has a considerable screen size – Will make it easier to type messages and emails quickly.
  • Comes with the latest Internet options – If you need to log in and out of your mail account quite often, then you may be looking for getting a smartphone that supports the fastest versions of the Internet like the 4G and similar ones.

The other features someone who is looking for the perfect smartphone out there according to his needs may need are:

  • Sharing photos and videos: If you are someone who likes connecting with your friends the perfect way, you may need a smartphone that allows installation of apps that in turn, allow you to share photos and videos for free, and in a quick way. Even a 4G or such type of Internet enabled smartphone will be needed, as sharing these things, especially the videos, is not possible over a slower Internet connection.
  • Photogenic? Need something more then: Yes, if you are someone that loves to click photos every now and then you need a smartphone that comes with an exceptionally high quality camera. You may even need a front camera, so consider that as well.
  • Need one for business needs? There’s a lot for you as well: If you are someone who needs to travel a lot and still keep in touch with the ins and outs of your business, then a smartphone that comes with a lot of pre-installed useful business and finance apps is the way to go. Such apps may include the ones that allow you to view and edit Microsoft word and excel files, besides many others. They may also help you save a lot of bucks buying such extremely costly paid apps. Also, you may prefer a good type of smartphone keyboard as well, coming with a wide arrange of auto correct and auto suggest words, enabling you to type considerably faster.

Choosing the best brand

There is a reason why smartphone buyers throughout the world place so much importance on choosing the best or most reputed and popular smartphone brand. A better brand simply equals higher quality, and can be quite long lasting. You obviously don’t want to go with something that will cease working or encounter various problems within a very short period of time. One of the other important things to look for is customer service. You may want to go with a brand offering superior after sales customer service rather than one that follows a sell and forget method.

Thinking around that word called “Budget

Well, there is no use trying to search for the best one offered by the most popular or reputed brands and coming with features that leaves you gazing open mouthed at it, if its price is something far within the reach of your budget. Unless you are willing to throw loads of cash on the table, consider going with a smartphone that is cheap, but comes with the important features you need and a great customer service all the same.

Picking the right operating system

A few years back, this point is something one wouldn’t give a damn about. However, with the advent of various different operating systems over the past few years, which come with their own share of pros and cons, it has become one of the most important things to consider as well. If you are someone buying a good smartphone for the first time, then the general advice always happen to be going with the newbie friendly Android operating system. A newbie never usually goes wrong with it. However, if you are someone using Android for years now and need a break big time, then Apple’s iOS, Blackberry OS, or even the Windows OS won’t disappoint you. How to choose the perfect one from these? Again, it’s a subjective matter. Do not forget the fact that deciding on a smartphone is a highly subjective matter so forget about getting specific and perfect advices from your friends or even the Internet.

Regardless of how subjective choosing a right smartphone is, the above given tips are sure to help anyone looking to buy a smartphone for the first time, or looking to experience a change by replacing his current one.

What to Expect from the Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is on its way. While it’s still a mystery what it will look like or when exactly it will arrive in stores, the lack of details hasn’t done anything to dent the immense anticipation for the next edition of Apple’s smartphone. With so many rumors going around, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Here’s a look at some of the more plausible speculation regarding the design, features, and release date of the next iPhone.

Screen Size

Apple has continued to keep quiet on what consumers can expect from the iPhone 6, but just about every report out there has a source saying the new iPhone will be larger than its predecessors. In addition, it has been widely reported by Mac Rumors, CNET, that the smartphone will come in two varieties: one with a 4.7 inch display and the other with a 5.5 inch display.

There is plenty to support these rumors even without official confirmation. Smartphone size has been gradually increasing, with Apple falling behind compared to some of the offerings in the market such as the Galaxy S5 from rival Samsung with a 5.1 inch screen. A larger screen on the new iPhone would let Apple catch up to Samsung and keep pace with consumer expectations regarding display size.

It’s also not a stretch to expect two versions of the iPhone 6. This rumor is fueled by the fact that Apple did exactly this last year when it released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simultaneously. Presumably the 5.5 inch model would replace the 5S as the flagship phone, while the 4.7 inch would take over from the 5C as the slightly lower priced alternative.


Beyond screen size, there has been plenty of other speculation about the design of the iPhone 6. The device is expected to be both lighter and thinner than previous models and feature little or no bezels. One popular rumor is that Apple will use Sapphire glass in the iPhone 6. The company recently opened a new factory to produce the scratch-resistant and apparently indestructible glass, which suggests it has big plans for it and what could be bigger than the new iPhone?

Rounded corners and the relocation of the power button to the side of the phone are also expected.

On a more unlikely note, there has been some talk about the smartphone coming with a curved screen or even a wraparound display that goes over the sides of the device to provide touch controls and notifications. While an Apple patent suggests such a thing may be coming at some point in the future, it probably won’t be included in the iPhone 6.


Every great phone has to have some cool features and the iPhone 6 is no exception. Aside from coming with the recently revealed iOS 8 operating system, the phone will also see a better 10-megapixel camera with improved image stabilization. The device could also include an NFC chip for mobile payments as well as wireless charging, though of course we won’t know for sure until Apple unveils the phone. For users who like to stick with wires, the company has reportedly been testing a reversible USB cable that works no matter which way it is plugged in.

On the storage front, Apple is expected to add a new option for 128GB internal storage. Previous iPhones have only been available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, but the company does offer 128GB iPads, which makes this rumor a definite possibility. Some optimistic folks have speculated that Apple may offer expandable storage through the use of SD cards, but this is one feature that almost certainly won’t make an appearance due to Apple’s preference for fixed storage options and iCloud.


Nothing is guaranteed until Apple announces it, but the pricing for the iPhone 6 is expected to be in line with the last generation.

Release Date

Apple has favored fall releases for its smartphones in the past and the company is thought to be planning a September announcement for the iPhone 6 followed by a release date soon after. Some reports have named September 19 as the launch day, though Apple has not confirmed or denied anything. If true, that still leaves plenty of time for more speculation on what we can expect to see from the next generation of iPhones.