Next Steps After You Buy The iPhone 6

After purchasing this brand new smartphone, there are multiple crucial steps begin browsing the web, listening to music, or other great features of this advanced piece of technology. Before leaving the store, you may want to grab some of the accessories marketed specifically for the new iPhone 6, such as screen protectors, cases, and longer charging cords. Afterwards, you can plop down at your desk to begin the setup process.

Setup Steps

Turning on the phone will reveal the Setup Assistant that will guide you through providing the necessary information, such as language and iTunes account details. Then, if you have an old backup from the previous phone saved on iTunes, you can upload that to the new device to have almost immediate access to your precious music, photos, and apps. If you want to start from scratch, you should adjust the settings to meet your needs. Some critical changes are provided below.

  • Enabling password or fingerprint locking to secure your private information.
  • Adding email and other important accounts.
  • Adjusting keyboard and accessibility settings to personal taste.
  • Assigning meaningful images to the wallpaper options.

You can then start downloading music, apps, videos, and more to customize the smartphone to the most suitable user experience. The improved performance of the iPhone 6 should blaze through these steps to setup quickly and effectively.

The iPhone 6 is an advanced piece of technology that has been built with new hardware and software to provide the best available to the customer. You can further improve upon this device by adding your own personal touch through the many different settings and downloadable content. The ability to restore a backup also gives the user the simple choice to revert the style to that of their old smartphone with just a few simple steps.